Asadi: military units preparing to enter the government compound in Ramadi
10:43 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - said the leadership in the popular crowd Ahmed al-Asadi, the continuation of military operations in Ramadi, to release it from Daash groups as soon as possible.
Asadi said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Sunday, said that "the military units of the popular crowd forces and security support and the sons of the tribes located approximately 700 meters from the government compound in Ramadi," explaining that "the processes going according to military contexts and the compound Government besieged from all sides Thaaa to enter. "

He said al-Asadi that "progress has been slow somewhat because of the large number of improvised explosive devices planted everywhere from the streets and houses and government departments," pointing out that "military forces to open many Mnavma to exit families where they are out of dozens of families a day and save them from the hands of Daash who was Atakzhm human shields. "

Asadi said that "the next few days will decide this battle and making victory and liberate the entire groups of Daash" g / h