Kurdish lawmaker calls for Baghdad to improve its relationship with the region to prevent independence


MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Ardalan Noureddine, Sunday, the central government to improve its relations with the Kurdistan region to prevent secession.
He said Noureddine told / information / that "the self-determination referendum and a legitimate right for all people when they want independence."
He added that "the Constitution did not prevent any referendum in Iraq, whether to declare federal regions other or independence," explaining that "the Kurdistan region deprived of the most basic economic and financial rights for years."
He pointed Nur al-Din, that "the statements is studied by some politicians paying citizens of the region to respond under the Constitution and international law," adding "if it wants to Baghdad, said an inseparable province must and the politicians and the media to change their looks to reassure Kurdish citizen in this aspect as the Iraqi Kurds and not a second-class citizen. "
The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, had called to prepare for a referendum in the region on the issue of independence, at a time when a number of Kurdish blocs student of feminization in this Modua.