Source: US force arrested [Abu Omar Chechen] in Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah quoted

2015/12/27 20:27

A security source said, the arrest of military commander of the so-called Daash terrorist [Abu Omar Chechen] process airdrops carried out by US special force in Kirkuk last Friday.

The source said, "The US special forces arrested two other leaders in Daash with Chechen and killed seven others in airdrops carried out last Friday, the district of Riyadh in Kirkuk process."

He noted that "the process involving the power of the anti-terrorism device in Sulaimaniya," pointing to "transfer the three detainees to Sulaymaniyah.

"A security source in Kirkuk province said on Saturday that a special joint forces conducted an airdrop operation on the Court of belonging to a guerrilla terrorist Daash and the headquarters of another district Riyadh, southwest of Kirkuk, said that they had found important documents and arrested a number of elements Daash" .

For its part, demanded the security and defense committee in Parliament, the government to investigate the incident and to demand the extradition of detainees.

This operation is the second of its kind carried out, especially in Kirkuk, US forces in cooperation with the anti-terror apparatus of the province of Kurdistan forces where carried out an airdrop operation in 22 of October last nests on one Daash in Hawija southwest of Kirkuk and freed 69 hostages and took them to the Kurdistan region.

The terrorist is known as Abu Omar, known Chechen relegated Red Beard is one of the most prominent leaders of the gangs Daash several times and there were conflicting reports about his death in Syria .anthy