Hakim international organizations calling for the criminalization of sectarian rhetoric and emphasizes the need for dialogue to resolve the problems

The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, the International Conference for Islamic unity, which was held today in Tehran to demand international organizations to criminalize speech and to stop the sectarian sedition channels. Hakim said in his speech during the conference that "the apostolic mission of reform is not the personal ambitions, what makes the reformer focuses on the project than on its role and position in the project," adding that "we pathos Brcolna reform in our project." And that "one of the most important challenges that stand Bugena attempts ripping and shredding through inciting sectarian strife that tear the nation, which primarily reflect the community need connect with one another, some more, leading to the band." "The great danger when they take advantage of the multiplicity of sects of intolerance, extremism and exciting discounts cover holiness sectarian, multiplicity of sects can be a buffer and vulnerable and the fragmentation of society into parts," noting that "the same risk in multi-party when he turns to intolerance and opportunistic and giving priority to private interests on public and risk the same in social classes when they turn into a reason to overcome the others and underestimated them. "
Hakim "we suggested that we recognize that what we face today is more dangerous and more difficult than we ever had in our long history, because the world differed greatly, evolution and overlapped communities among themselves largely cultural, globalization has become the dominant thinking and open space and the interaction between people and events accelerated the creation of the rules of a new cultural clash , as borders become powerless to prevent the flow of news and ideas and interact with the events there are thousands of television channels and millions of news reporting and personal sites on the World Wide Web, and young people in our time, representing 65% of the total Islamic nation if we collected these facts and we add them of sedition and sectarianism and extremism cover you can anticipate the risks that stands before us. "
He explained that "thousands of institutes studying extremist ideology, and held up by the ministry of the injured or the prosecution of the perpetrators without working to extinguish the fire to confront extremist ideology and we realize that the Islamic nation has entered wars bloody and ugly because of warped ideas and minds that no other accept in its history, but today, the fire if broke any spot They can devour the nation and will be the most intriguing signed than ever before. "
He pointed out that "it was time to get out the recommendations of a serious lift to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations and other relevant international organizations, invite them where to criminalize sectarian rhetoric and letters of atonement and incitement legal and prosecution in all deferral and stop incitement and sedition channels."
He noted al-Hakim that "the Islamic Middle East going through many transformations, and there is talk of new Seixbeko and as I think we are not in front of a change in the geographical map of this region, but in front of shifts and changes in the new influence and the distribution of roles, and therefore the Islamic states in the region to sit at the dialogue table and put limits on their own roles and spaces between them and do not leave the international forces this regard and tampering with the destiny of peoples according to whims and interests. "
"The Middle East and the Islamic posed by Muslim countries, the agreement among themselves to see reconciled with each other and aware of their interests and are understanding of their interests and needs and the requirements of various countries and the vision of a viable during the next 50 years", calling for "table a Middle Eastern dialogue restore the Muslims lead and heals my wounds, because we as a nation, Islamist, facing a single destiny and a presence coherent and our enemies do not differentiate between one safe and are planning to undermine all of us across the drive a wedge between us, "calling for" make the next year, it in major regional settlement and the distribution of roles and sorting areas, cooperation and coexistence between people of the nation. "
And about what Iraq is witnessing situations, Hakim said: "We are in Iraq to achieve major victories against terrorism Aldaasha has regained 23% of our territory usurped by Daash and continue to liberalize 17% for the remainder of this land violated, and strive to do the process of editing the entire Iraqi energy the diversity of backgrounds and became the Shiite and Sunni Muslim and Christian and Abbaia and Yazidi and the Turkmen and Kurdish and networking are fighting side by side and mixed blood among themselves for the defense of the land and the supply and around the terrorist challenge to stick to national unity and work to re-displaced people to their areas liberated, "noting that" the security solution must be accompanied by solution nor the political field to address the problems and challenges only through dialogue table political and societal forces. "
He said, "What we see a solution for us in Iraq, we see a solution to Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and all the volatile countries," calling on all Palestinian factions to "unite in the face of the Zionist entity Victory is coming in Palestine, Iraq and all countries if united the word" .