A member of the Foreign Relations: Time to take an early decision on Turkey's military

Counting for the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee member Abdul Bari Zebari, said that early time to make a military response to the decision of the Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory. Zebari said, told all of Iraq [where], "there is almost went to that a diplomatic solution with Turkey did not work, but it is still too early to make decisions called Balaskarah". "What remains to Iraq, diplomatic papers, specifically the American paper is the strongest, it must Tfahimhm commitment and the need to take the situation seriously the United States is pressing the paper and Iraq must take advantage of this paper." And Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, called Friday during a press interview, Turkey to "wisdom and rationality" in withdrawing its troops from northern Iraq.
Jaafari said "I hope that Turkey show wisdom and rationality and not committed this error, but when committed this error The people will not tolerate nor the state," he said. "If the imposition of the fighting men of Iraq Ohaos and heroes, and if we imposed war, we will face war war".