Al-Zubaidi: Airlines joyous earnings in 2015 and we have no losses

Denied Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, Saturday, exposure Airways material losses during 2015, described the profits made ​​by the company during the current year as "cheerful", as he emphasized that all of the Ministry of transport companies
"profitable companies." Said Bayan Jabr In an interview for the (long-Presse) that "reports that exposure of Iraqi Airways to financial losses during 2015 is incorrect absolutely," noting that "the Iraqi Airways is one of the winning companies, all affiliated to the Ministry of Transport companies profitable."
The Al-Zubaidi, that " Iraqi Airways achieved a joyful profit this year, "pointing to" brief him on the company's report until the month of October, which indicated the presence of joyful profits Iraqi Airways.
"The media reports that exposure of Iraqi Airways for financial losses due to reduced its flights as a result of giving the largest number of flights to other national carrier companies operating in Iraq.
The European Union announced on Friday (11 December 2015), the inclusion of Iraqi Airways in the list of preventing the conduct of flights to Europe, and among the decision was made ​​to Iraq's non-commitment to implement the terms of Safety of merit by the Union, he stressed that this list is important to ensure the safety of the citizens of the European Union.