Trade .. press conference for ministers of trade and industry

Commerce Minister Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese stressed that the ministry is serious and practical steps to secure items of the ration quota of the national product and the fact that the time of import sugar imported products require saving a lot of money in hard currency ended and that a clear government direction to support the national product He pointed out that industry and commerce are working on the development of the first steps to secure the ration card needs of the Ministry of Industry of oil products and other materials substance and detail and joint steps on all products and contracting mechanism and other details that serve the work of both ministries. Pointing out that the ministry also supports the private sector as a partner in the development of the Iraqi economy.
And the amounts of compensatory Sudanese said that the amounts of compensation to the ration card items of non-Muslim subject to the decision of the Council of Ministers is to decide the disbursement of these funds in the absence of processing a single from the ration card and that the amounts are calculated by the relevant companies and are disbursed in accordance with the approved mechanism in the ministry.

For his part, Minister of Industry Mohamed's Darraji to consult opening marketing outlets in supermarkets as well as the rehabilitation of the Ministry of Industry coefficient by the two ministries and the rehabilitation of the Military Industrialization building in the Baghdad International Fair to be an exhibition always to market our products national as well as seeking to secure some of the needs of the ration card as a first step.
Noting that these projects will be promising after the rehabilitation of laboratories and factories for the production of the national product to match the foreign product.
For his part, Kazem al-Hassani Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister that the government supports private and public sectors and activating the customs tariff is to protect the national product, whether industrial or agricultural to cover total or partial local need, whether from public or private sector.