Would be an economic disaster in the country. Deputies and experts: close the Strait of Hormuz threat must be ready to face it
Date: Sunday, 04-03-2012 11: 35 am

Baghdad (News)/report/Hussein Faleh/... Raise the Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz irritated a number of parliamentarians and Arbil because Iraqi economy entirely depends on the annual oil revenues.
Parliamentarians and experts invited during SEG refering (News News Agency) to take the necessary precautions to confront this problem if access through open ports and rehabilitation of other export pipelines through Syria, Saudi Arabia or new pipeline across Jordan.

Member of the Committee on energy and petroleum Deputy/block change/Bayezid Hassan: the Iraqi economy is supported entirely on oil revenues, and the country possesses oil export ports only one across Turkey and the other across the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz and Mara in the event of the closure of the Strait by Iran would lead to economic disaster in the country.

Hassan (News News Agency): on the importance of opening more than one port to export oil to avoid economic problem by closing the Strait of Hormuz by Iran. Hassan suggested: rehabilitation of pipelines through Syria or Saudi Arabia and new oil pipeline across Jordan as quickly as possible to save the Iraqi economy from doom. And "economic expert explained Ismail Abdel Hussein: the ability of energy export Iraqi crude oil reached 2 million (600) thousand barrels per day were issued (600) barrels exported through Ceyhan line while the million and a half million barrels to 2 million barrels per day in Hormuz, what makes close disaster on the country.

He said Abdel Hussein (News News Agency): that Iraq does not have any solutions to emerge from this crisis is that Iran is determined to close this is suicide for Iran as it will affect the economies of the world and of (40% to 45%) Whether exporting or importing.

Noted: that the general budget for this year based on the sale price of a barrel of oil (85) dollars and total oil revenues constitute the general budget, but when you close the Strait of Hormuz will lose Iraq more than 50 billion dollars, more than half of the general budget for the financial allocations, the fact that Iraq is poised for economic shock at this time. He said Iraq was unable to maneuver and transport of exported oil from the Strait of Hormuz to another port, noting that the Ministry of oil had intended to restart oil pipeline through Syria but unstable situations which led to the postponement of the subject.

Confirmed: signs by Saudi Arabia to move closer to Iraq and cooperation at all levels and political and economic opening an Embassy to the Kingdom in Baghdad in addition to openness to local markets, this gives something positive for the return of common interests between the two countries, calling for the exploitation of these circumstances, especially after the Summit, Arabic and Saudi side agreement for the rehabilitation of abandoned oil pipeline stretching across Saudi Arabia and to the Red Sea. For the Member of the Committee on energy and oil, the National Alliance Deputy//Susan alsaad said: to close the Strait of Hormuz from the Iranian side would adversely affect the Iraqi economy is supported by (95%) The oil revenues and the proportion (80%) Energy crude oil export artery.

She alsaad (News News Agency): recourse to export outlets other than Hormuz will increase the cost of transport of crude oil, called for negotiations with the Iranian side to exclude Iraq does possess other export ports. Added: that Iraq had sought to open export outlets, this requires time and effort is a little high because it will be negotiations and agreements with the side that will extend through the tubing oil, maybe the crisis gets command is complete.

While the opinion of the President of the International Federation of Iraqi businessmen: punitive Hamid close Hormuz by Iran would only affect exports of Iraqi oil, but it will affect the transport of goods to Iraqi businessmen and consumer representatives is the fact that the country depends on import.
He said punitive (News News Agency): to close the Strait of Hormuz would adversely affect the economies of the world, especially Iraq and the Arab Gulf States and Iran when you close the Straits they expose themselves to the risk of being an international corridor and is subject to laws of the UN Security Council and no one can close.

For his part ruled out oil expert: Hamza al jawaheri close Strait during the current period of Iran being affected most, will be weighted higher oil prices globally, one third of the financial proceeds of Iraq would lose when closed. Al jawaheri said in a statement earlier (News News Agency): close the Strait of Hormuz this mean that Iran would stop (400) barrels of exports across the Straits, pointing out that Iran's oil exports pass through the strait mostly go to States which refused to impose sanctions on Iran as China and India and Russia.

Noted: China can buy Iranian oil exports and Iran will exploit the Straits to export its oil and not to their advantage but merely shibab threat to some States.

Oil expert predicted: oil prices increase exponentially when you close the Straits, Iraq could produce (650) thousand barrels through the Ceyhan pipeline, but nevertheless one will lose Iraq as financial revenues is essentially the southern oil pipeline./finished/8. d/s.