US general: Iraqi army is different from what it was al-Maliki time

AM: 08: 42: 27/12/2015


Khandan - General Mark Harthlng, announced that Iraqi troops fighting the elements of the organization "Daash" terrorist in Ramadi, now the city, different from what it was time the government of Nouri al-Maliki.

He explained Harthlng a military analyst network CNN of America said that "the biggest difference we see is a change in leadership at the tactical and operational level, in terms of driving forces now are the brigades and other ranks of the Iraqi army who have received training and have a sense of national They are fighting for the sake of Iraq now and not for the sake of government or sectarian organization. "

He added:" We see progress of the Iraqi forces in the city of Ramadi, where They had areas of multiple processes, and tactically it has done a good job starting from outside the city to the inside and in the form of belts down to the city center where the chosen Daash this region to be the final battle site so to speak, where booby-trapped buildings and took up sniper positions and to defend as well as tunnels and explosive devices planted on the edge of the roads, and therefore the last meters in this battle will be the most difficult. "

He pointed Harthlng that" the Iraqi government used the Battle of Ramadi, Anbar province, the Sunni to prove that it familiar and comprehensive and not a sectarian government, such as those were at the time of Nuri al-Maliki. "