Hakim of Tehran: if strife erupted devour the entire nation and not a secular system of government

Sunday 27-12-2015 | 5:39:26

Twilight News / Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council warned of sedition, noting that the sedition if erupted will make the nation in the last peace of civilization and it will not be limited to a specific spot but will devour the entire nation, calling for the world to sit at the dialogue table and re-distribution of roles among themselves and make next year's year-old major regional settlement.

And he saw al-Hakim, at the International Conference for Islamic unity held in Tehran on Sunday that "the time has come to get out the recommendations of a serious lift to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations and other relevant international organizations to criminalize sectarian rhetoric and speeches of satisfaction, incitement and spreading hatred legal and prosecution in all corners of the globe and stop incitement and sedition and bind channels Social networks to shut down people who incite hatred and violence, sectarianism and extremism as the biggest challenge facing the Islamic nation in Targeha accounts, warning of sectarian strife informatics cross-border Higher attributed hatred that gripped the minds of young Muslims. "

He pointed out that "sects mean multiplicity of readings, a source of wealth and riches they make diversity a basis which reflects the real societal need for linking some of the other more than they lead to the band, returned danger is opportunistic and nervousness and to maintain the factional interests of the public interests," noting that "fanatics beyond people from religious and sectarian but not have to dismantle the people and hit them each a political project ".

Hakim said that secularism is not a system of government by saying "may be a recipe for democratic regime or a dictatorship, because it is neither treated the problem of the strong overcome the weak and lose community immunity and the immunity of Brshehadh spiritual, moral constitute a framework socially risks attribute humanity to man."

He noted that the Middle East and the Islamic region in today's large shifts, and there is talk about {Sykes - Picot} new, expressing his belief that the region is not in front of a change in the geographical map of this region, but in front of shifts and changes in the new influence and the distribution of roles.

He urged Islamic countries in the region to "sit at the dialogue table and put their own limits and areas of roles among themselves and do not leave the international forces this regard and tampering with the destiny of peoples according to whims and reconciling," adding that the Middle East and the Islamic posed by Islamic states in the agreement among themselves to see reconciled with each other and aware to their interests and receptive to their needs and requirements of the various countries according to the vision viable over the next 50 years.

He called for "a Middle Eastern dialogue restore the Muslims lead and heals my wounds table", citing the saying, "because we cam Islamist, facing a single destiny and a presence coherent and our enemies to Aevrkon between one of us and are planning to undermine all of us across the drive a wedge between us."

On the victories achieved at the hands of Iraqi forces from the army, police and popular crowd said Ammar al-Hakim that "Iraq has achieved major victories on terror Aldaasha and regained 23% of its territory usurped by Daash and continuous liberalization of 17% for the remainder of this land violated and strives to make the process of editing the entire Iraqi energy the diversity of backgrounds. "

"The Shiite and Sunni Muslim and Christian and Abbaia and Yazidi and the Turkmen and Kurdish and networking are fighting side by side and mixed blood among themselves to defend their land, honor and around Iraq, the terrorist challenge to adhere to national unity, and work is underway to restore the displaced to their areas liberated," stressing "the importance of the security solution along a political solution, "stressing that" the Iraqi solution solution to Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and all inflamed Muslim countries, "calling factions of the Islamic resistance in Palestine to unite in the face of the Zionist entity Victory is coming in Palestine, Iraq and all the states if it united the floor."