Victories joint forces in Ramadi

12/27/2015 19:10

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Military announced the media cell of the Joint Special Operations Command, Sunday, the results of the military operations in all cutouts, indicating that it killed dozens of members of Al Daash addition to the destruction of some of their vehicles and combat positions.

It said cell in a statement, "categorically forces Anbar operations began pieces of the northern axis of the progress towards set goals toward the axis Jereche and attribution of artillery progress of Mjsr Jereche toward the island bridge and embarked force under the command of Infantry Brigade 41 of the progress of the Albu Faraj bridge toward its goals."

He added that these pieces "managed to destroy more than 180 bomb in the form of stores containers each store featuring 60 an explosive device detonated on the road in Jereche area and detonate 70 explosive device and clear roads and homes and the destruction of carts for Doaash in Jereche area and destroy the den of the enemy in the Po Diab area and killed a number who are they".

He pointed out that "military units managed to reach the area in Jereche Albu Faraj area, in the meantime has been edited Square [Albu Faraj] [Square sit-in for the previous and the expulsion of the terrorist elements of them and raising the Iraqi flag in it."

It pointed out that "a force to the Second Brigade REACT silenced sources of fire in the eastern axis and the incident led to a policeman were injured, as the first group killed Infantry Brigade 32 eighth Infantry Division 5 terrorists Kano riding wheel after it was burned in an area [hill Msheehdh" .

"The detachment handling unexploded ordnance belonging to Infantry Division VIII security operation to cleanse the houses in the area (neighborhood widows) resulted in treatment (4) Houses bombs and 40 explosive device," adding that "Regiment of the Third Infantry Brigade 31 was able to destroy the wheel bomb type Korla black color driven by a suicide in an area [neighborhood widows - Street 60]. "

And it went on joint operations by saying that "39 Infantry Brigade Infantry Division tenth carried out a security operation in the area of ​​the intersection of peace resulted in the burning of a motorcycle and killed two terrorists."

The statement said that "the pieces of the leadership of the special device counter-terrorism operations began the progress of second officers area towards the north Haouz area fair inspired by the east and the west [Warrar River] and clearing houses and operation resulted in the destruction of six wheels bomb three of them by the pieces above stationed on the front lines Haouz in the area and destroyed three of the international coalition before the flight, and killed Mfferstin to plant IEDs opposite our units during the first Haouz progress in the area by the pieces above and the second by coalition aircraft. "

He said that the "anti-terrorism device submitted to the city center and collar government complex in the city center and now is being mined cleansing buildings and raise the roads of improvised explosive devices."

He explained that "airline Air Force DC nests of terrorism in different parts of Anbar after he carried out seven missions, in conjunction with the implementation of the military flight 11 sorties, coalition aircraft 18 missions carried out in Ramadi that killed 13 terrorists and another wounded and the destruction of 7 excavators of the enemy and the mechanism and 5 gathering of enemy centers The aircraft cannon-resistant 23 mm and 5 defensive positions and 3 weapon caches and bombs Lucerne and the supply line of the enemy and the wheel carrying bombs and other unilateral and equipment to the site Daash. "