Supporters of the popular crowd carrying al-Maliki dependency re Dhafer al-Ani of the political process Erbil agreement infamous!

Dated: Sunday 12/27/2015 18:29

Carrying a group of supporters of the popular crowd Volunteers, president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, an official dared MP Dhafer al-Ani at the crowd, and what they said that al-Maliki re-Ani covered by the de-Baathification law to the political process to the Convention on behind the scenes, they stressed that the Irbil that brought Maliki to the Presidency of the Convention Minister cycle again led the country to ruin.

And published the Middle East newspaper in its edition of Tuesday 1/5/2012 the terms of Arbil, which was formed the current Iraqi government under it.

The newspaper said the Arbil which it considers blocs and Iraqi forces opposed to Iraqi Prime Minister basis for the formation of his government agreement, The prepared document the era of al-Maliki, the achievement of national partnership in the governance of Iraq, and this agreement, which confirms much of the Kurdish leaders, along with other Iraqi blocks remained until now hidden from the Iraqi public opinion, and therefore initiated the site «insulted me» Kurdish of the Movement for Change opposition to the publication of the text of those Agreement in Kurdish, considered the «Middle East» Place Arabic translation, as many of the Iraqi circles demanded the disclosure of the content of that Convention to the information of the Iraqis, and to know the obligations contained therein.

And took some of the media are talking about the existence of secret supplements to this agreement, though a lot of leaders known political said that among the items covered by the exemption of some of the de-Baathification law of political figures are excluded, including Dhafer al-Ani and Saleh al-Mutlaq.