Committee on security: there is no wish to derail the summit convenes in Arabic Baghdad wanted
Date: Sunday, 04-03-2012 01: 02 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Security and Defence Committee revealed parliamentary presence of information according to some parties sought to derail the Summit to be held in Baghdad by the end of this month.
Committee Member said Hamid al-mutlaq (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the Committee knows that there is anyone who wants to fail and there are no Arabic Summit wants to not originally be held Summit in Baghdad, stating that Commission with the Summit and urged security forces to create the appropriate atmosphere for the presence of Arab leaders to Baghdad.

He added: the next week will feature interviews with security chiefs charged with securing Baghdad Arabic Summit to discuss and consult on ways that can be applied to ensure the functioning of the Summit.
Noted: that the Arabic Summit and success does not mean that the security situation in Iraq is quite stable security situation that has not been the case since the entry of US troops for Iraq until today, despite the slight improvement occurs something security and proof of (30) murder and blast in one day, noting that the interrelated process security operation starting from the awareness of citizens and of faith in the Government and security agencies to the security man and how earning citizens.

And prepare to host Iraq Summit scheduled to end March Arabic that gathered Presidents and Kings Arabic League, the biggest international event organized by the country since 2003, and the Secretariat of the Commission to Baghdad by the way and ensuring the requirements for Arabic Summit and provide insights and ideas and preparations required to improve and develop the physical interface of the Baghdad City, commensurate with its history and its place in coordination with the relevant ministries and bodies.
The Iraq Arabic first hosted the Summit twice in 1978 and which decides which Egyptian province of companies dealing with Israel and not approving the Convention and Camp David II in 1990 which saw sharp tensions between Iraq and Kuwait and the U.A.E. and erupted on the impact of the first Gulf war.//3 completed. d/s.