Moscow: Russia does not rule out the adoption of national currencies in Iran and agreed business

News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
27 December, 2015 8:58 am

Industry and Commerce Minister said Russian Denis mantorov it does not preclude adoption Russia and Iran the ruble and agreed with in riyals expectations outweigh the increase in trade volume between the two countries.

In an interview televised said: "we do not rule out the adoption of ruble and the Rial in business dealings between the two countries," especially in light of expectations outweighs access valuable trade to five billion dollars annually.

He added: "This means that the rouble will enter Iranian banks which means using the Iranian side has to pay the value of the goods".

In this regard, Iranian media reported the Minister of communications and information technology, Mahmud Vaezi, Iranian as saying that Moscow and Tehran were discussing at the moment adopting a monetary agreement adjusts work El serafy, develop trade and economic relations between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Iran's Central Bank Governor said Iran and me God sword that Tehran has become ready to open a joint Russian-Iranian account serve to facilitate two-way trade in national currencies.

The Russian side, said first Deputy Prime Minister Igor shovalov recently, Moscow and Tehran will soon discuss how to manage financial and business dealings between the ruble and rial.