Commission for the Advancement private sector accused "conspirators" of obstructing its work and "to circumvent the decisions"

12/27/2015 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Muhannad Jawad

State Committee for the promotion of the private sector accused, on Saturday, "co-conspirators" on the sector to "obstruct the work of the Commission and circumvent the decisions", and with improved Iraqi economy is expected over the next year in 2016, the government called for the provision of the necessary supplies to restart the private sector labs.

A member of the Committee for Economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "the Iraqi government directed towards the industrial sector and restart some of the stalled government and private laboratories, contributing to the recovery of the Iraqi economy over the next year in 2016".

Antoine promised, that "the industrial sector is the biggest shelter to absorb unemployment in Iraq," noting that it "contributes to the increase in GDP and sing for import and provides foreign currency and reduce poverty, corruption and dries the sources of terrorism."

He said economic expert to "disable the industrial sector means paying citizen to terrorism", stressing that "Iraq's dependence on oil revenues is one of the most prominent economic gaps that should be addressed through the diversification of sources of income."

Antoine He emphasized that "the advancement of the Iraqi economy is not as easy for the lack of a magic wand achieved," noting that it "requires a phased process including the promotion of the private sector and giving loans away from the corruption, and the provision of production inputs, especially fuel and electric power."

He called the expert, in his capacity as Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Businessmen Union government to "create a privately run factories kits port being President for the advancement of the Iraqi economy," and accused "conspirators on the Iraqi economy of obstructing the work of the Commission and circumvent the decisions."

Antoine stressed, that "the Commission has developed the outlines and details for the advancement of the national economy and is waiting for implementation of the decision-makers", recognizing that there is a "reluctance to implementation and a circumvention of the Commission's decisions by those co-conspirators."

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji announced (December 13, the current 2015), that the activation of the national industry contributes to stop the "drain" currency, and among the industry in Iraq are exposed to "an international conspiracy to end the Iraqi economy", stressed the determination of his ministry to stop this attrition and maintaining the internal hard currency industry.

The British institution of political and economic analyzes confirmed (21 December 2015) that Iraq was able to increase its oil production during the past five years, despite the security, financial and humanitarian problems faced by, while showed that the increase in oil production for maximum capacity, and gain the confidence of investors, requires improve the security of Iraq and his "deteriorating," called for the need to diversify the sources of the Iraqi economy to mitigate the effects of shock drop in world oil prices in the future.