Vice Talabani Party: Barzani allied with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to hit Shiites

Accused the deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by former President Jalal Talabani, head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani's alliance with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey "to target and hit some Shiites and Kurds in the region."
The MP pointed Xuan Daoudi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, to a "declaration of Crown Crown Mohammed bin Salman and Defense Minister at the meeting of 34 countries participated in the fifteenth of December this officially for the formation of an Islamist alliance military to fight terrorism under the leadership of his country, with the participation of Turkey, the UAE, Qatar and other countries, and that what is surprising and surprised to form an alliance against Islamist terrorism, Iran, Iraq, Syria is not a member of it ?! ".
He added that, "At a time when Iraq and Syria are the two squares of the war against terrorism and the announcement of Iran since the beginning of the war on terrorism, and faced him with all possess the power of the Shiite announcement in Iraq by government and religious references and platforms other position of the new alliance and expressed their big their questions and comments about it , warmly welcomed the year, the alliance so that the head of the Iraqi parliament, which is Sunni Arab and express their position in the Iraqi centers of power issued an official statement in which it welcomed the new alliance. "
He pointed Daoudi "not to reveal the Kurds, as in many sensitive for a clear position on issues, but there are many signals that showed, according to read political observers that the Kurds have been associated with this alliance in secret, has gone Massoud Barzani, before Saudi Arabia's announcement of the new alliance, on a tour on behalf of presidency of the province to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and was greeted at the highest levels, and turned Arbil during the last period to a large center of the political ferment of Sunni Arabs in Iraq who participate in the political process or are outside. "
He explained, "Some Sunni leaders and centers talking about Barzani, leader of the stage for the year and leaked to the way more than a media talk of a province or state of the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs, headed by Barzani."
He pointed out that "the Arab Democratic Center [economic, political and strategic studies in Egypt, which was founded in 2007, revealed the two phases of the work of the new alliance of Islamic where intends instead of confronting terrorism fight against the Kurds and the Shiites spoke that according to the agreement between the Saudi king and Massoud Barzani, the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk should be withdrawn, according to the same report, the Kirkuk will be part of the entity that intends coalition formed for the year. "
It is clear that "Barzani positions with respect to seizing chair presidency of the province outside the legal legitimacy as part and disable the institution legitimacy of legislation and oversight, a Kurdish parliament and foil the government starting from sending ministers of the MDC to their homes, to the indifference of the government Bmtalib and needs of the people and handed over to the Kurdistan economy keys, however, Turkey, and its monopoly Resolution Kurdish politician in the province of Kurdistan and the Kurdish political forces excluded and antagonism of the Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan and the isolation of the region from Baghdad, and to deepen relations with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. "
He MP for Talabani's party, said "all of that and other things make us recognize that Barzani today presents itself as the savior of Sunni Arabs and as dreamed legal Erdogan !! revive the Ottoman Empire, the Barzani wants to become Saladin's new Sunni Arab, at a time when not need the Kurds are not of close or from afar by the new Saladin. "
He pointed out that "the future the region on a large Mtgierat and that any political equation without the Kurds will not succeed, and if we lose this historic opportunity, we are without doubt we can not reform the situation in another century."
And he went Daoudi saying that "Barzani is talking about the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan at a time when the Kurdish House exposure to the dispersion under his rule, and remained the issue of Kirkuk and other Kurdish areas outside the region suspended, so that any step taken at this time will not be guaranteed result and even non- fruitful ".
"I think that talking about the referendum on independence in these complexities and distractions and not to resolve the outstanding issues purpose is to abort the dream of hundreds of years of independence, so Barzani, if it works for the independence of Kurdistan must submit an initiative to unite the Kurdish house, which is a party lion's share between sink the perpetrators of this situation. "
He stressed the need that precedes "initiate the referendum action to restore the land and the people of Kirkuk and other Kurdish areas outside the region to Kurdistan as re-oil mechanism, must be predominantly demands and national interests on the partisan and personal interests, and he must compromise the National Union and Change and the PKK and the Party of Union Kurdistan Democratic Party does not Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, and we must unite the Kurdish House and not the Arab house Sunni, because ultimately, if an opportunity arises for independence, we are going to need support and assigning Kurdish forces in all parts of Kurdistan and other not need to Ali Hatem and [Osama] Najafi and Tareq al-Hashemi and if he decides to Barzani to be president, he will be president of the Kurds and with the support of the Kurds, for, otherwise it will be a Sunni Arab Salahuddin just another ".