Parliamentary Energy: gas associated with oil volumes estimated at 600 million per day Mqmq

Announced the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, on Wednesday, that associated with oil from the fields of Basra natural gas production rates are estimated at 600 million Mqmq day, as pointed out that the gas production associated in Operation Iraqi lagging behind and Latvian purpose Bcesp security and political situation volatile, oil experts stressed that accidental Kuwait and Iran to invest in natural gas help to increase the financial resources of the country within a short period. The Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, in an interview for the "long" that "there are fields of gas had stopped working out because of Daash as fields Mansuriya and a crutch, which is in the process of rehabilitation and development, but work did not begin there. "He added by saying that" what we aspire need now is associated with crude oil, which is available in very large quantities in the oil fields gas investment, and an estimated 300 million Mqmq daily, noting that "Basra Gas Company, which was founded two years ago I started working investment of gas associated with oil a day, producing 6 million Mqmq, as well as the burning of about 1 million Mqmq day, hoping that "All the fields in the province investment by the years 2018 and 2019." He said Bahr al-Ulum that "working in the fields Gharraf companies and Ahdab oil and crazy and Halfaya obliged to invest the associated gas, while the first licensing rounds, companies are non-binding investment of gas because it did not address the extraction of oil to the problems now." He said the "gas fields subject to the companies third licensing rounds and these tours is a private investment of associated gas in the fields entrusted to it, explaining that Iraq is classified in tenth place globally in the accompanying oil and natural gas production, as well as free gas, in addition to having a large reserve."
He noted that "There are possibilities to be in the fourth licensing rounds decades discoveries of very large gas reservoirs." He added by saying that "the oil in the previous period was a significant material value either at the present time, the gas has entered an important source too, and that efforts are now on the investment, but the deterioration of the security situation and the occupation of vast areas of the country affected the investment, "adding," We are trying to build a gas industry in Iraq to have a role in the development of petrochemical industries. "For its part, the Energy Committee member of the parliamentary Fatima Hamidi said in an interview for the" long "that" the process natural gas investment in Iraq is still lagging behind and are not required level that achieves effective results on the level of economic revenue for Iraq. "She added that" there is a large reserve quantities of natural gas, but production and export laggard level and Ivy purpose, "indicating that" natural gas investment process is very complex process of reverse oil production, and there is a delay evident in loan contracts and referrals to companies as well as the delay in the signing of contracts and maturity. " And increased by saying that "the circumstances of Iraq's security and political restive have significantly affected the gas industry failure in Iraq." In turn, said oil expert Hamza Jeweler, in an interview for the "long", that "the great reserves of gas needs foreign investment to create the infrastructure to extract it, which lacks the government to the high costs. "He added that" natural gas investment operations through several complex stages, starting with collecting and processing and then pressed and distributed through the pipeline system giant stretching from north to south and from east to west. "He said the jeweler said," permits the 3 rounds included three gas fields unexplored development is the crutch in Anbar and Mansuriyah province in Diyala province, and Siba in Basra province and is considered free gas fields, but the volatile security conditions have prevented work in the fields of crutch and Mansouria. "He said the" advanced work in the field of Saybah by a coalition of companies Kuwait and Turkey and the United Arab Emirates under the supervision of the Southern Oil Company where he was the completion of the initial installations but they need more time to start the actual production process. "He said the jeweler that" the best solution to take advantage of the accumulated gas reserves in large quantities in the light of the financial crisis faced by the country is to accept accidental Kuwaiti and Iranian sides the sponsors of the project development and extraction of gas on the Iraqi government without the costs of recalls. "He added that" the offer before involves the construction of the extraction plants purify the gas and pipeline transport take care of the investor side system while the sale of gas according to world prices and within a time period ranging between (20-40) Year to be output in a period not to exceed the year. "He noted that" the economic crisis faced by the country to prevent the Iraqi government from the development of gas fields that need billions of dollars and for a period in excess of 15 years for the export of the first gas deliveries.