Abadi adviser: World Bank loan conditional on the imposition of the electricity tariff and customs

2015/12/25 17:09

[Baghdad - where]
Economic affairs adviser in the prime minister, explained that the World Bank loan for Iraq conditional on economic reforms by the government to prove its good intentions, including "the imposition of the tariff Alcomerakih, and the electricity tariff."

Said Abdul Hussain Al-Anbuge, told all of Iraq [where], the World Bank conditions "are not forced to lend, but rather to demonstrate its good intentions and procedures prior carried out by the Iraqi government [action] reform, on which encouraged the World Bank to give a loan."

He explained that "reforms encourage the World Bank to give a loan, such as: start investing in the field of gas, and to reduce the differences between the salaries of employees and encourage the private sector and equated with the public sector and especially for dealing with civil and government banks, and transparency for the performance of state-owned enterprises, as well as customs tariff and electricity tariff to reduce consumption ".

He said Anbuge" These things are not binding on the Government, but they say that we have a loan to Iraq, must undertake reforms in order to demonstrate its good faith and encouragement to give a loan, and that has not done the reforms can not be given the loan.

"He said the" loan in which the first two phases Year 2016 is supposed to give billion dollars, and the year after which there is also another loan of two billion, "noting that the Bank's" willingness to reach five billion dollars with Iraq, provided to prove his bona fides in the field of economic reforms.

"It is noteworthy that, the World Bank, announced last Friday , agreed to give Iraq a loan of one billion and 200 million dollars to assist in controlling the financial and improve the energy sector conditions, and to compensate the decline in oil prices and rising security costs, for its part, announced the Ministry of Finance last Saturday, that "Iraq will get the loan amount during the next few days and by the end of this year.

"The House of Representatives approved on 16 of this month, next year's budget in 2016 a total of more than 105 trillion and 890 billion dinars expenses deficit accounted for 22.8%.

The total revenue which 81 trillion and 700 billion dinars formed oil revenues, of which 69 trillion and 773 billion dinars The increase of 85.1% of total revenues, while non-oil revenues amounted to more than 11 trillion and 927 billion dinars The increase of 13.6% of total revenues.

and formed the current expenditures [operating] a salary and other more than 80 trillion dinars, and increase of 76% [of total expenditures 105 trillion dinars] while capital expenditures were more than 25 trillion dinars, and increase of 23.8% .anthy 2