Economic investment and international support

12/26/2015 0:00

Follow-up - the morning
of investment in Iraq's problems will remain more aspects of the economic crisis prominent in the country, which needs to be a set of political and legal measures, which would create the right environment to move the investment activity, and employment in the context of programs and plans to support the collapsed Iraqi economy.

Perhaps to meet Prime International Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria with President Fuad Masum, in Paris on the sidelines of the climate conference, and the statement of his organization's readiness to support Iraq in securing the investment environment requires a consensus on the merits by which to meet the investment challenges, and the environment fragile, due to lower oil prices, and rising rates Economic deficits in national budgets, and breadth of civil strife and confront violence and terrorism, which reflected seriously on the walks of life, and the equitable distribution of wealth contexts national.

The talk about the support OECD Iraqi economic policies, not far from the imposition of certain actions on economic policy, despite the statement President of the Organization for the Organization's support of Iraq on humanitarian and economic level in the light of the war waged by Iraq against Daash gangs, but it also requires a consensus internally between the parties and obtaining approvals create a sound ground for the start of a real legitimization to invest in strategic areas that promote national development paths, and reduce the dependence on oil, which is a reliable ratio of 93 percent.

The investment area development benefits also associated with hard work at the level of institution-building and the fight against corruption and promoting transparency and securing attractive investment environment, and dealing with the vital areas of economic development in terms of meeting the basic needs that the economic reality live a lot of crises met, amid complex circumstances and priorities impose legibility what experienced by Iraq of problems and crises, particularly with respect to the need for military support and to cope with displaced problems and displaced persons, and who impose a lot of benefits to the federal budget, to the factual data to overcome the financial crisis and the approach Reasons to revive the national economy .