Protests, activists hold three conferences to organize demonstrations


Friday 0.25 December 0.2015

Member of the Civic Democratic mainstream activist Jassim Hilfi, Friday, for the establishment of three conferences to "organize" demonstrations and demands and thinking of "new mechanisms", and among the first of these conferences will be held on Saturday, accused the three authorities to "bet" on the decline in the demonstrations.

Said Hilfi in an interview that "the Maysan province will on Saturday hold a conference to organize demonstrations and to unify the visions and demands and thinking new mechanisms to continue the protest peaceful activism," noting that "Basra province will see are the other organizing a similar conference later this year that inflicted the establishment of another conference in the capital Baghdad.

"He added Hilfi, that" there is a determination by the protesters to continue organizing demonstrations, and the escalation of the protest activity and the expansion of the protest base, "asserting that" the coming weeks will see a significant increase in the number of demonstrators.

"He accused Hilfi three authorities to" turn its back to the demonstrators and bet the decline in the protests, "adding" there is disappointment among the protesters about power in response to their demands.

"It is noteworthy that Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces experiencing weekly protest demonstrations and wide to demand the implementation of reforms and the fight against financial and administrative corruption, but the demonstrations have experienced significant declines over the past few weeks in terms of numbers of participants.