Of justice ... Abadi?

December 25, 2015 21:11

Alhaji Hadi Ugaili

After taking Abadi presidency of the current Iraqi government and in spite of great efforts made by the efforts, but we do not find one of justice Abadi on his role and his leadership of the country in exceptional circumstances experienced by the country's military collapses and economic destruction and degradation of agricultural and the failure of educational and education and health and the spread of corruption in all state institutions Iraqi.

That a team of Maliki clique parliamentarians and the media of distorting the facts and minimize the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd has a particular injustice .vhm of wronged people and led the country into destruction, and today Asgrun victories that have been achieved under the government of Abadi and his team harmonious to lift the country from bankruptcy after it was stolen by corrupt The thieves Iraqi people Hdroa funds and the budgets of previous years, and the liberation of the Iraqi territory Conception Daash, and repair what spoil Duds, and the trial of his hands stained with the blood of Iraqis and loot its wealth.

Ola has frightened cry on their fate in the media that reach them from the hands of justice and worship lead them to the judiciary to be punished. Random staging information campaigns on Abadi and his government to the fact that the Supreme Council of the thoracic and current supporters of Ebadi.

They described the defeated Abadi as a weak man unable to run the country, but they know very well as a man who works very hard and sincerity and dedication in order to save the country from the two important things, the first thing edit Iraqi territory from Conception Daash and support the battle and continue to be free the last inch of the land timeless Iraq. After that others Tjabn in defense and to address the factions Aldaashah defeated and withdrew their forces which were led by corrupt factions concerned with making money at the expense of Iraqi blood.

The second thing is to provide a living for the Iraqi people despite the economic conditions experienced by Iraq from behind the drop in global oil prices, which is responsible for it, on the contrary, when oil prices were more than a hundred dollars a barrel did not take advantage of those funds, but bellowed and stolen by the previous government to create a new commander of the need for Iraq.

We have supported the religious authority Abadi and stop the people behind the reference for reforms in the Iraqi state and the elimination of corruption and corrupt, but the reforms are not liking of corrupt and losers of parliaments and politicians, it was held in dark rooms hearings order to thwart the reforms for fear that up to them, and that al-Abadi does not take its place among the Iraqi people.

I've ordered from the order until that knows no conspiracy to Abadi and dragged him to a parliamentary mandate to carry out reforms, but Abadi other in his reforms, even if they slow better than not made, because one day you will reach the big corrupt heads and they get employed. So we find them waging a malicious media campaigns cacophony of voices here and there, backed by a partisan Bthblegat to their supporters, in order not hidden Outs of corruption and failure.

That reform is not done, but the righteous of the Iraqis, and Abadi, a righteous who is trying to bring a smile to the Iraqis, despite the difficult conditions faced by, God with him, and religious reference supportive to him, and the good people of the sons of the Iraqi people are standing with him, things are going from good to best, and victories achieved in every day after that was Defeats accompanied by security forces, and that tomorrow close to see the liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq Immaculate Conception Daash, and we have only to do justice to al-Abadi, not be the commander of necessity, but man rescue Iraqi.

Alhaji Hadi Ugaili