Kurdistan Parliament .. is left is the building and the salaries of the House of Representatives!


Friday 0.25 December 0.2015

Wrote Awara Hamid: It seems that the Parliament of Kurdistan has become "a name without substance" after turning to Off institution group of lawmakers out of work due to suspension of parliament from practicing its work.

In spite of that the Parliament has passed since its founding different crises, but that the current session now paying the price for trying to change the political system in the region, as to prevent the speaker of parliament a political decision from carrying out his work in Erbil in the twelfth of October (last October) on the back end of the mandate, Massoud Barzani problem and since then was left of the Parliament of Kurdistan something in place but its building., carries on the speaker of parliament Now in his Parliament office in Sulaymaniyah while attending his deputy in the parliament building in Arbil, the secretary of parliament, he is a resident of the home or leaving it.

Prevent employees of parliament from working reporter "Talk" Kurdish parliament visited and tells readers the work of Parliament details in its deactivated this.

And given the position of speaker of parliament for the MDC and receiving Yusuf Muhammad Sadiq after September elections (in September) in 2013 according to an agreement between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Movement for Change (first won 38 seats and the second won 24 seats out of the seats in parliament Albalbg number is (111) seats.

Although the two sides' agreement was the basis of the district of "four years of calm" together but when Parliament wanted the theme presidency of the region - over the state of Massoud Barzani, on the nineteenth of August (last August) after staying in office for ten Aawam- facing the two sides and the result was disruption of Parliament.

The date of the last signature to Yusuf Mohammed as head of the parliament is working right now in the parliament to the eighteenth of October (October) Any six after days to prevent him from practicing his work relates to the book mentioned organizing committees of Parliament Affairs and then not put to the writings of the President of the Parliament considered in the parliament and that he receives daily delegates and guests in Sulaymaniyah.

May prevent a lot of administrative people with power in the parliament to work also with the Speaker of Parliament, but Acar Mohamed Director, Office of the Speaker of Parliament still attends in his room inside the parliament building. Acar said to (talk): "The speaker is engaged in normal work in Sulaimaniya office and meet with local people and foreign officials."

President of the Parliament Office is free and turned off the normal work of the President of Parliament, which is being talked about is in fact an all guests receive, but he can not preside over the session of parliament, where does not exist in the location can also not members of parliament hold hearings because their boss is not there.

The transformation of Office of the President Parliament now to free and depends office, but a few meters from him is Vice President of the Parliament, which is packed with people who come by to visit or to conduct transactions because Jafar Office Aymanaki Deputy Speaker of Parliament from the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil plays the role of President since the absence of the Speaker of Parliament.

Zagros Kamal Vice media official in the parliament for the Democratic Party said the "discussion": "The members of parliament and staff of Parliament attending naturally including staff and advisers appointed by the Speaker of Parliament and the President of the Parliament is the only one who does not attend."

It features the Parliament of Kurdistan (23) permanent and temporary committee but Off she also has not been able to meet on a weekly agenda due to lack of quorum.

The Congress Democratic Party bloc Yusuf Mohamed former president of the parliament in dealing with other parties as speaker of parliament.
He said Xuan Sheikh Ahmed, member of parliament for the Democratic Party's "Talk" bloc: I've "lost its independence Speaker of Parliament does not enjoy legitimacy and is now a former head of the parliament."

In the opinion Xuan that Parliament is not disabled and that the work is going normally and adds: "No Meetings shall be held only" while this is the work of basic Parliament.

Deputies attending in Arbil .. and others in Sulaimaniya and attends some of Representatives of the Patriotic Union of blocks and the MDC and the Islamic Group and Islamic Union in Arbil, while others of whom attends Parliament office in Sulaimaniya.

Differs high Beeston MP for the mass change with the Attorney Xuan said for "Talk" : "The Parliament is disabled and we as a block change will not draw any book to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament."

He added high: "What happened to the Parliament as a coup has disrupted all the committees I do not think that the parliament starts to hold its meetings soon."

Although the parties of the dispute and the cause of crashes namely, the Parliament of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the MDC, but that the parties and other powers as well as you can not activate the parliament and all what was done did not exceed the limits of conviction.
The MP said the capable Rzkaia for the National Union bloc within the bloc hall in the Parliament of Kurdistan's "Talk": that "there force in Kurdistan has opposed to the law and for the interest disable the parliament and the government, the disabled parliament and committees meet and it is difficult that the parliament back to normal Valammer beyond the capacity of the parliament.

"division also arrived in management positions in Parliament The position of the Kurdistan electronic Parliament is run by their staff Democratic Party publishes News and Events Deputy Speaker of Parliament is not just like a head of the parliament.

Speaker of Parliament article carries on its work through Facebook

For his part, open the Speaker of Parliament of Sulaymaniyah page on Facebook as the media Parliament and managed by belonging to the MDC staff which also publishes all news and events of the Speaker of Parliament and Secretary of Parliament who belongs to the Islamic group has a position taken to the President Parliament.

Said Tariq essence of the Director of Information in the Parliament of Kurdistan, who belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for "discussion": I "We have tried various ways to get away from the partisan conflict and problems between the parties, but before and after the twelfth of October (October) (Day prevent the President of the Parliament of Log in Arbil) imposed on us things were not present during the previous sessions.

"He said the essence:" The head of the parliament may select a person to publish news on the site and Deputy Speaker of Parliament also turn select people for that, and with the emergence of more conflicts warned and Vice President of he President is not necessary to commit this error right to inform Parliament, that what happened to the Parliament during this period did not happen even during the civil war.

"This is not the first time that the Parliament of Kurdistan hang it crashes during the civil war (1994 - 1998) between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, but that the parties are different we were able in the end of the meeting in one building and activating the Parliament.

Agrees observers to the work of Parliament and even the House of Representatives who no longer have any authority in Parliament only salaries that Parliament will return to the urgent work or later, and whether the current squad or otherwise, but everyone agrees also that the transformation of this parliamentary session will remain for a long time and a stain on the name and reputation of Parliament.