Iraqi intelligence arrested 40 element of Daash

Published December / December 2015 - 24 19:51 GMT
Iraqi security authorities arrested Thursday 40 element of the organization of the Islamic State "Daash" in the framework of large-scale security operation launched in the provinces of Baghdad, Diyala, according to an official statement of the intelligence service.
The statement added that the device is carried out in coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council, representatives of the central court of the investigation and the leaderships of Baghdad, Diyala operations process called "second-Shehab piercing."
The statement revealed that the operation also resulted in the book "large quantities of weapons and gear, wheels bombs and explosive belts, as well as large amounts of Iraqi currency, bank drafts, which are used to finance the activities of militants organization."
Intelligence indicated that these elements "sought the help of other cells in parts of the country."
The arrests came a complement to the process resulted in the March / March to the arrest of 30 people and the dismantling of a cell to blow up a car in Baghdad.