Iraq is about to sign international agreements to recover wanted to spend


Thursday 0.24 December 0.2015

Justice Minister Haider Zamili, about Iraq's intention to sign international agreements to recover wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, and as he emphasized the existence of efforts by the government for the purpose of re-two requirements offense Spyker from Finland, denied the existence of "deliberate" delay executions.

He Zamili in an interview with Alsumaria, The "Iraq is about to sign agreements with the countries of the world for the exchange of prisoners," pointing to "we are about to sign international agreements to recover wanted by the Iraqi judiciary."

In a related context, Zamili noted that "the government is demanding exceptionally retrieves wanted crime Spyker from Finland, and we hope that negotiations succeed and they are sent back as soon as possible to be tried by the Iraqi judiciary.

"He added that" claim delay death sentences is not true, and there is no deliberate delay the implementation of those provisions, "pointing to" the pursuit of his ministry in collaboration with the Supreme Judicial Council to resolve all outstanding files.

"It is noteworthy that the police Finnish arrested (11 December 2015), twin Iraqis suspected that they appeared in a video about the massacre Spyker carried out by militants organize "Daash" when seizing on the Iraqi city of Tikrit in 2014.

She stressed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in (13 December 2015), they relay Multi accused of a crime Spyker in Finland, while expressing optimism handed them over to the Iraqi side to be tried within the judiciary, while announced that the Iraqi judiciary, the completion of my Astrdadahma.

The Commission on Human Rights Parliamentary announced (15 December 2015), that Finland responded to the Iraqi authorities not to extradite
Spyker accused the cause of the country, attributed the reason to the lack of a security agreement between the two countries.