Agriculture awarded 20 million dinars for the beneficiaries of the modern village in Karbala

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ministry of Agriculture announced that the Board of specialized lending fund management authentication, to grant operating loans amounting to 20 million dinars for each of agronomists, veterinarians and graduates of agricultural colleges and Alaaadadiat beneficiaries of the modern village in the province of Karbala project.
According to a statement of the ministry he said that "the said loan, those who wish to be granted by the beneficiaries of the modern village project in the province," adding that "given in exchange for the loan guarantee or no guarantee acceptable to the Agricultural Bank." He added that "the seminar was held at the project site in the presence of a number of beneficiaries where Conservation Agriculture Director urged the beneficiaries to exploit their land, and take advantage of the loan, reassuring beneficiaries of the determination of the ministry to remove obstacles that may face the beneficiaries." The statement continued that "the Director of Agriculture briefed on the percentage of completion in private ponds and farms of the village in order to set up generators to run irrigation systems and sprinklers." Mentions that the modern village in Karbala project was inaugurated earlier this year, in which the distribution of 100 House was an area of ​​100 m on the beneficiaries is appointed to the government departments, in addition to the land area of ​​50 dunums in order to cultivate an integrated services, and aims to exploit agricultural and veterinary competencies is assigned to the Country