Alaa Makki: We agreed on the solution file Hashemi calm
On: Saturday 03/03/2012 11:49

Baghdad / range
announced mass "Renewal", led by Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi Friday that it agreed with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to address political issues through "quiet dialogue" and not by "statements rigid." said Alaa Makki, head of the bloc in the Council House of Representatives, told reporters On the sidelines of a political forum was held in Baghdad, "We agreed with the Prime Minister to address the issues of a political nature through constructive dialogue to address the political crisis."
and explained that "the political crisis stands to the implementation of the requirements of citizens and escalate because of the remarks convulsive launched by political parties."
The mass of the renewal had met last Sunday Maliki to promote national unity and maintain the prestige of law and independence of the judiciary.
and confirmed the "renewal" that Hashemi was ready to meet with Maliki to resolve disputes of a political nature.
comes to meeting the mass "Renewal" Maliki at a time accused its leader, Tariq al-Hashimi rival al-Maliki of being behind the process Tsagath politically by "fabricating" the elements of interest to him and protect him. And decided the Supreme Judicial Council last week to refer the issue Hashemi and his brother in law to the Central Criminal Court in the Karkh district to determine the decision of the judgment of them an absence beginning next May.
met with a committee that is preparing for a meeting of reconciliation more than once, not yet reached a consolidated paper to be presented at the upcoming conference as a result differing positions between the blocks political. "
The MP for the mass-Hashimi, Ashour Hamid said earlier (range) that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki expressed his complete flexibility in the cooperation and agreement on the issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on condition of pressure on the judiciary.
contrast student leader of the coalition of state law Abdul Hadi al-Hassani, Hashemi surrendered to justice, and to refrain from statements firearms fired by from time to time through charges judiciary as politicized.
said Hassani, in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "said Hashemi, is now required to refrain from launching unsubstantiated accusations to the judiciary, there is no relationship to the government or parliament decisions issued in accordance with the provisions and judicial proceedings. "
and "I do not justification to the Deputy President of the Republic not to give himself up, especially as he declares repeatedly that with the Constitution, which contributed to the writing and as a partner in the government."
was also considered al-Hassani, that the statements of al-Hashemi last convict him more than they are in its favor, "He talks about the acquittal of protection at the time showed the confessions of involvement, that this does not focus his interest in the judiciary, if he wants to uncover the truth, he removed the charges against him or to recognize that these crimes had been committed."