Customize billion dinars to fund lending branch in Babylon

2412 2015
The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the amount of two billion Iraqi dinars for the Branch Fund within the province of Babylon.

According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The ministry has ratified the borrowers projects in Baghdad, 215 projects guestrooms, including [fund to support small income-generating projects, and industrial services, and has allocated two billion Iraqi dinars for the Branch Fund within the province Babylon ".

He said the "number of borrowers for the period from 2013 up to October 22 last, amounted to 26 thousand and 385 borrowers of whom 15 thousand and 991 received a single payment and 10 394 received two batches."

The statement pointed out that "the province of Dhi Qar formed the largest percentage among the six provinces that have completed their share of applicants for a loan, amounting to 6069 loan, followed by Salah al-Din province, which share amounted to 3817, and then Anbar B3401, and Basra reached in 2717, and Kirkuk completed the stake in 2184 and finally Nineveh share, which amounted to only eight. "

"The door to apply for a loan via e-mail open for a period of one month starting from last September 13, was extended for another ten days of submission until October 24 last."

He added that "The ministry directed to expedite the completion of transactions during the period of 50 days maximum, and take every step of the transaction completion of a full week, while the treatment of the borrower remain after completion and organizing bills of exchange and the preparation of instruments by accounts a period not exceeding two weeks in the department or the port."

It pointed out that "the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs addressed the choke points in the completion of borrowers transactions following the new plan of action concerning the validity of the issuance of the borrower and the guarantor borrower intersection of data and control the flow of transactions through networking between relevant departments."

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