Baghdad to end the Arab summit preparations
On: Sun 04/03/2012 10:15

Baghdad / range
plans to the representative of Iraq in the Arab League, starting with meetings with intense technical committees and management in order to put the finishing touches on the Arab summit conference.
said Qais Al-Azzawi after the news conference held by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Nabil el-Arabi, "It will be launched on Sunday work and intensive meetings Committees with technical, administrative and information set up by the Arab League

Where I will meet with the Secretary-General for Media Affairs Ambassador Alkhmlishe to arrange the media and the names of journalists and media professionals who will participate in the Arab Summit of accredited the Arab League and licenses on the devices that accompany journalists from reporters channels. "
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed on February 25 last, that the Arab League informed us that the summit would be great and the level of leaders and presidents, asserting that Iraq has full sovereignty and independence and qualifications of all his will.