Parliamentary Finance: The government began to cut officials' salaries to 30%

12/24/2015 13:05 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
He said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan, Thursday, that the federal government lowered the senior officials' salaries and grades to percentages reached for 30%.

Ahmed said L / scales News /, that "the central government reduced its officials and senior grades salaries by 45% and 40% and 30% reduction was applied to him now."

He added, "The Kurdistan region is going through an economic and financial crisis and the central government does not pay its employees 'salaries, which led to non-functioning of the province in the footsteps of the federal government through its employees' salaries deducted emphasis was placed on the salaries of the higher grades."

He pointed out, "The federal government staff salaries monthly ongoing unlike Kurdistan staff who have not been paid because of non-payment of dues."

He pointed out, "The central Aaovernmh did not fail to confront the financial crisis, attributing the cause to it is going to be loans to bridge the shortfall in the 2016 budget" .anthy 29 quarters e