Daash distributed leaflets to the people of Mosul Arjohm where to stand at his side

Twilight News / Local source revealed on Wednesday that the terrorist organization handed out leaflets Daash paper on civilians in Mosul Arjohm where to stand at his side in conjunction with the escalation of air strikes on strongholds.
The source said the Twilight News, that "elements of the organization were deployed in the streets of the city the main task and the intersection and they distributed the paper on passers-by and the owners of the wheels publications," noting that "those publications included verses from the Koran and sayings of the Prophet used by the organization distorted ways to convince people of the need to stand by his side as well as the phrase" lent hands and pledged allegiance al-Baghdadi. "
The source continued that "the campaign organization had not been sought by parents and many publications and tearing down Rmyaha in the streets, roads and alleys after passing the elements of the extremist organization".
The organization is trying to repair the internal Daash described in the city of Mosul after they lost a lot of fighters and commanders raids by the international coalition, especially during the past few weeks, prompting him to put pressure on the people and especially the youth to join its ranks.