Parliamentary Integrity calls for open corruption Russian arms and the ration card files

The member of the Integrity Committee in Parliament MP Salah al-Jubouri, Wednesday, to open the files of corruption, which bear the stamp of public opinion, including corruption in the Russian arms file, and explosives detection devices (sonar), and the ration card. He said al-Jubouri, said that "the risk of financial and administrative Iraq corruption parallels Aldaasha danger, and terrorist organizations, and is eating away at the body of the country," adding that the prime minister stressed within the procedures of the reform that will strike with an iron fist to corrupt, and vowed to have threatened to hold them accountable. He added that the board of Integrity and the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity has referred many files, but there are files is the issue of public opinion, on the al-Abadi, integrity open these files, including the contracting of Russian arms and file of the ration card and devices sonar, stressing that "corruption capital lies in these files. The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity announced last Monday, completed for several corrupted files private honestly Baghdad and the Ministry of Defense, and the continuation of the file achieved shields Interior Ministry, confirmed several files sent to the Integrity Commission to complete the investigation.