Media Commission is the "government's decision to" enhanced its right to license the fourth and communications waiting for the judiciary and is considering alternatives

Promised the CMC, on Wednesday, that the Council of Ministers' decision taking responsibility according to the law, reinforcing her rights to grant the fourth license for mobile phones, while renewed the Ministry of Communications adhere to the "right" possession of such a license, indicating it was awaiting a decision eliminating about it or resorting to the option entry bidding or participating with the winning them. A member of the Board of Trustees in the CMC, Khalil pilot, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Council of Ministers issued at its last meeting that the Commission exercise its powers according to law decision, is in line with the orientations of the legislative and executive powers, which calls for the province to independence the work of independent bodies, and activating the laws in force, "adding that" the decision is in line with government directives seeking to liberate the Iraqi economy and moving the investment horizon in line with the development of the broad sectors, including telecommunications, being a vital source of financial resources the state and the second after oil. "
He said the pilot, "The decision reinforced the orientations of the body, especially the law in force No. 65, has been entrusted by the sole responsibility for regulating the telecommunications sector, and the granting of the license phone companies wired and wireless, and the development of Horizon outputs, direct and supervise the management of its resources," noting that "the government's decision , also confirms that the right to grant the license-fourth of mobile phones can not be of a grant to no one else, but it should be done according to the guidelines and conditions set by the Commission's policy. "
The member of the Board of Trustees in the CMC, that "the Commission is working professionally as it was announced that the license transparently for various local and international companies, which gives the right to the Ministry of competitive telecommunications fair like other companies under the regulations and standards should be provided in order to preserve the development of communication resources in Iraq and edit its markets. "
On the other hand, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, Amir al-Bayati, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "Iraq's interests above any other consideration, which saw the High Authorities in the state."
He said al-Bayati, that "the ministry is seeking to know the merits of the Council of Ministers' decision on the fourth license, to be able to take appropriate action," noting that "the eligibility of the ministry license fourth row with CMC on it arrived to justice, waiting to be decided by".
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, that "the ministry is firmly convinced that there's interest by obtaining the fourth license," adding, "But the Cabinet probably saw what you do not see, and ultimately the interest of the country is more important than anything, and there must be an explanation for that."
Al-Bayati stressed, that "the ministry will not back down on her rights in obtaining the fourth license," he continued that "The ministry will resort to other solutions as an entree for the fourth license bid or enter a partner with the winner being has the infrastructure."
The Iraqi Council of Ministers said in its regular the (48) held, on Monday (December 21st of the current 2015), holds the CMC exercise of its powers according to law.
The Ministry of Communications announced (14 December 2015), for forcing the elimination of the Commission on Information and Communications Stop Declaration on the Granting fourth license for mobile phones, while showed that the "struggle" on "sovereign right" license is still ongoing, it revealed the claim by the Commission services Parliamentary submit a feasibility study on the project.
The Communications and Media Commission confirmed in (the 13th of December, the current) that the amount of the fourth license contract up to three billion dollars, indicating that it had received requests from international companies to get a license, and that the Ministry of Communications has resorted to the judiciary instead of applying for them.
The Ministry of Communications confirmed, in (the 26th of November 2015), they are waiting for the decision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on access to the fourth mobile license, while showed "the legal sovereign right" possession of that license, has ruled out entering the bidding called by the CMC being involving "a big risk".
The CMC announced (25 October 2015), its intention to launch a fourth license for mobile phones in conjunction with the launch of the fourth generation system early next 2016, and indicated that the launch of the fourth generation system will be according to an auction where competing companies operating in Iraq now, as well as for the Ministry of Communications and other companies.