Industry is seeking a loan from the World Bank

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Ministry of Industry for its quest for a loan from the World Bank funding for the restructuring of public companies operations.
According to a statement issued by the ministry received / JD / copy of it: that the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji terrace Restructuring Committee-owned public companies State the problem by order of my book issued by the Office of the Prime Minister and its membership includes representatives from the ministries that oversee these companies in implementation of the plan the big economic reforms pledged by the government. The statement said: The work of this Committee designed to make public companies organizational units operate according to the principles of a market economy and enjoy products of high competitiveness and Bmayshm in converted from losing to the units profitable for the development of the Iraqi economy and to achieve diversity in the composition of GDP, along with the elimination of unemployment and creating new jobs by following the scientific and global methods in dealing with such problems, including the establishment of business development centers unique step of its kind in Iraq in addition to the use of resources of all kinds are more effective and higher efficiency.
The Commission for the restructuring of public companies since its inception to date two meetings under the chairmanship of Mohamed's Darraji to organize mechanisms for implementing the restructuring operations including the development of standard contracts to regulate direct domestic demand towards national products mainly to remedy cases of dumping that can occur as a result of contracts and open a window for cooperation and coordination with the Committee on Reform Alkmarki problem in the Office of the Prime Minister to start implementing the customs tariff law in all the country's ports has also resulted in a second meeting to form a committee to follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Commission in the fields and in the All the ministries concerned. During the meetings of the Committee was hosted by advisers to develop a model or more of the mechanics of structural reform to guide the work in terms of the fact that the structural reform of the corporate process that requires the use of international standards to achieve the principles of disclosure and transparency. The Committee made ​​several recommendations to the different state of the legislative, judicial and executive authorities to provide facilities and cooperation in the reorganization of the environment and economic business, including the recommendation devices to revive the subject of the existence of Platform-importing regulates commercial commodity flows to Iraq, which was in place since the previous contracts for integrated local commercial role with the outside With national production, as well as make way for all employees, regardless of the age requirement and duration of career service for referral to retire requests without applying some limitations contained in Law No. (9) for the year 2014 with the payment of end of service benefits in addition to the recommendation of the ministries to take decisions and actions that contribute to the change the environment current business for companies Pmaahakq goals of restructuring.
The statement stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals is currently seeking to obtain a loan from the World Bank to help finance the restructuring of public companies to all state-owned enterprises operations after Iraq success in granting a loan from the bank mentioned where that work is underway in this regard.