Russia and Switzerland Trslan relief aid to Iraq

2312 2015
Russian minister announced that his country plans to send relief aid to Iraq in the coming year 2016 as part of international efforts to support displaced people and displaced in Iraq and the region.

The Minister of Civil Defence and Emergency Vladimir Boutckov in a meeting, on Wednesday, humanitarian aid director Agency for Development and Cooperation Swiss Manuel Bessler "We will continue our support for humanitarian Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and countries bordering this region."

He said the Russian minister, "as the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Russian aircraft will transport humanitarian aid to Cuba, Cameroon, Tunisia and other countries in 2016."

For his part, Director of the humanitarian aid agency said the Swiss Development and Cooperation Manuel Bessler said that "Switzerland also intends to provide assistance to Syria and its neighboring countries."

The International Organization for Migration announced on the 18th of this month, 3.2 million people displaced inside Iraq during 2015.

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