The country's budget deficit and raced to meet the increasing oil production

Wednesday December 232 015 - 21:27

Nour al-Tamimi / tow

In light of the increasing fiscal deficit of Iraq as a result of lower oil prices in the global markets and determine the price of a barrel of five and forty dollars per barrel in the budget for 2016, which voted on by the House of Representatives, the real barrel price is still in the oil markets are to fall until it reached thirty-five dollars a barrel Wahid, Maindhir large gap between the two figures, prompting officials in the federal government and the oil sector to seek to increase its oil production to remedy this disparity and fill the shortfall in the country's budget.

Blur export volume

A number of members of the House of Representatives in the committees of energy and finance parliamentary inspection visit to the export ports for oil, accompanied by the oil sector officials in the province, in order to check on the conduct of export operations and stand on the main constraints and work to resolve them as soon as by addressing stakeholders oil file.

He told the parliamentary energy committee member Mazen Mezni in a statement to Radio tow that oil export file tainted by uncertainty and suspicions of corruption, so it is necessary to conduct inspection visits through which to transfer those files to the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company in an editorial.

Mezni added that those files is the process of export and numbers and the size of exports, and the work of the oil counters in the floating oil ports and know the reasons for stop those counters on an ongoing basis and rely on the way the arms in order to measure quantities of exported oil, while this method is incorrect and does not give precise figures for the volume of exports .

Develop export target ports inevitable

Noting that the Oil Ministry should take it upon themselves without the guidance of one, the development of export ports as you get the highest budget of money as the federal government has allocated for the oil ministry in the 2016 budget of more than 14 trillion and 700 billion and based on this, the Committees of Energy and Finance will undertake to address the Oil Ministry and the Prime Minister to visit the port of Basra for the export of oil and look at the problems facing this port and the neglect of unemployment as a result of the lack of any maintenance work or perpetuate.

For his part, User Zaher al-Abadi said that the 2016 budget after the vote on the price of 45 dollars a barrel for the one adopted while the price per barrel is $ 35 so you must be careful all stakeholders to increase production and exports through the development of oil installations as well as the adoption of the budget on the export of three millions and 600 thousand barrels per day has been achieved this figure as the southern fields exported more than 3 millions of barrels and 150 thousand barrels per day, but not to the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to deliver oil production would disrupt the financial situation of the country.

And between Abadi in a statement to Radio tow that the Oil Ministry should adopt grant workers in the floating ports rewards and incentives and encouragement after the export rates reached the highest level in the history of Iraq.

Abadi pointed out that the most prominent notes to be transferred to the concerned authorities is the need to increase the size of the storage capacity of 12 million barrels to 16 million barrels of oil and the development of ports and honoring employees.

For his part, User Jabbar al-Abadi told Radio tow stressed that Iraq must compensate price difference in barrel of oil by increasing production and exports and the need to deal with those exports with high transparency, as the international oil prices control became impossible, but it is possible the production, export and energy storage volume control.

Ministerial projects to increase production, export and storage

Officials in the oil sector stressed that the ministry is working on several projects that will increase production and export and storage capacity of Iraq, stressing at the same time work counters naturally not dominated by any blurry or suspicions of corruption remember.

Director of the Southern Oil Company Hayan Abdul-Ghani said that is responsible for the southern fields Management South Oil Company with the exception of the province of Maysan being established their own as well as the company to the fields within the strategic line access to Ramadi province, and managed those fields jointly between foreign companies winning contracts rounds licenses and others are working under the supervision of the Southern Oil Company.

And between Abdul Ghani in a statement to Radio tow that production capacity amounted to three millions and 185 barrels per day, and energy export planned are two million barrels and 900 thousand barrels per day, but the extraordinary efforts by workers in the export ports led to higher exports to 3 millions and 295 thousand barrels per day and this figure achieved for the first time in Iraq, noting that the increase was due to the development of pipelines and oil pumping systems.

Abdul Ghani pointed out that last July the export rate up to 2.0008 million barrels per day, but the company has made over the last month, the highest export rate has reached 3.0005 million bpd.

Stressing that this increase came after a run pumping stations and completion of buoys in monounsaturated and work on a project escalation export energies that relied on the laying of pipes in the Arabian Gulf and the depth of their number 3 buoys each buoy issued 900 thousand barrels per day.

In regard to the drop in oil prices in global markets, between Abdul Ghani said the decline did not affect the work of the Southern Oil Company as conducting production and export, storage and leave the rest of the process to SOMO, stressing that the company's role in this case is to increase production only to compensate for the decline rates and this what has been achieved and the company will continue to work on it.

Bklv disparity produce a barrel of oil

As for the cost of producing a barrel of oil it was between the director of the Southern Oil Company Hayan Abdul Ghani they vary from one field to another and range from four and a half dollars to $ 11, depending on the nature of the reservoir and oils in the oil-producing fields.

So floating ports division official at the South Oil Company Ali Abboud Yassin said that the ports operate four buoys and energy export daily for each float of 900 thousand barrels per day, the company is exporting 1.0006 million barrels per day, while it has the potential to export more than 2 million and 700 thousand barrels per day and the increase based on increased production.

And between Yassin in a statement to Radio tow that the company's plan to export pray 3.6 million barrels per day, and pointed out that the ports on a daily basis to download tanker tankers.

He pointed out that the obstacles facing the export factor is climate during the winter season only.

Counters under the control of a global company

In regard to the work of the counters 12 meter guestrooms spread over six platforms between Yassin those counters that are subject to scrutiny by an independent global company conducts its constant maintenance.

And between Yassin said the Oil Ministry is seeking to implement a number of development projects of oil floating ports are building additional docks in the port of al-Amaya and the port of Basra.

Iraq's financial crisis remains hostage to raise the ceiling on oil production, which is the backbone of the Iraqi economy unilaterally, and which it is hoped to fill the country's budget deficit under the government moves to redress the neglect of other economic aspects enjoyed by the Iraqi infrastructure.