Maliki sues Jamal Mohammed Hassan agent and the reason (Details)

23-12-2015 06:00 PM

Orbit -

Lifting of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a lawsuit against the Secretary General of the Islamic Accord Movement, Jamal Mohammed Hassan agent in the Court of publication and media issues for libel and insult and ridicule and victimization and lack of neutrality, which tarnished the reputation, demanding fined five billion Iraqi dinars in compensation as a result of moral damage it has suffered.

the text of the lawsuit filed by Nuri al-Maliki against the beauty of the agent addressed to judge Court of publication and media issues, which between them that 'the defendant (Jamal agent) cited phrases through hosted a television program statements are not unfounded and bear slander, abuse and ridicule.'

also came in the case that 'those wordy degrade the status of (al-Maliki social) in front of his family and his fans in the community and put it in the corrupt and terrorists box, through words (escape), (the defeat of the country), in conjunction with the reference directions in the fight against corruption.

"and cited in the lawsuit Text those phrases and put them painted red, and pointed out that it formed a 'moral damage compensation will be five billion Iraqi dinars with loaded all fees and judicial expenses and attorneys' fees based on the provisions of Article 205/1 of the Iraqi civil law'.

This has been the judge decided to determine the day 28 of the month of December The current date for the first pleading filed in the call, and reporting to attend parties at the time.