Contractors threaten to close the ports to delay their dues, and Basra's governor criticizes the Ministry of Finance
Wednesday December 232 015 - 17:33

Demonstration of a number of contractors and owners of local companies in the province of Basra on Wednesday, to demand regardless financial dues in arrears, ongoing projects, which are still in progress, with some of them threatened to close the airport and ports, in addition to the closure of roads leading to the oil companies in the event of failure to give them those benefits.

A number of them told Radio tow, the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui supported our claims, regardless of financial Asthakaqatna late during their meeting today, while others explained them that there is another pause for contractors will organized in front of the South Oil Company, warning at the same time the central government of the consequences of failure to meet the demands.

For his part, he criticized the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui the Ministry of Finance for not disbursed dues conservative prime minister promised to launch earlier, amounting to 250 billion, accusing it of being used to circumvent style and stall for non-payment of those benefits.

He explained Nasraoui Radio that the ministry did not tow the disposal of these amounts only 58 billion dinars, and this will make the local government in an awkward front companies and contractors who spent their money on projects carried out in Basra.