Baghdad agree to the deployment of US special forces on the Iraqi border - Syria

December 23, 2015

He stressed the international coalition led by the United States approval of Iraq to deploy US special forces to cut off supplies «Daash» coming from Syria. And enables flight Alliance targeting a convoy of the organization in Mosul and killed it.

A spokesman for the Alliance Steve Warren, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the embassy in central Baghdad, said that «the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi agreed to the deployment of US special forces in Iraq» and added that «The aim of the deployment of these forces cut Daash between Iraq and Syria supply», He explained that «force will be carried out secret missions, in coordination with the Iraqi government, and will work in the shadows», adding that «the coalition carried out 9 thousand air strike against« Daash »in Iraq and Syria so far» and added that «six thousand blow affected the organization in Iraq, and resulted in for the killing of thousands of elements and the destruction of dozens of buildings and vehicles, and contributed to the loss of 40 percent of the territory that was controlled by », confirmed« the destruction of 90 percent of the capacity of the oil Daash in Iraq and Syria ».

Edit and Ramadi said that «the Iraqi army is the one who will liberate gray in cooperation with the police and there will be American soldiers, and the role of the alliance will be the only air.» He pointed out that «the battle of Mosul will be the most important because it is home to one million Iraqi citizens», and pointed out that «the Iraqi security forces is a plan to release it», and pointed to the «we have not done anything without government approval», and killed Iraqi soldiers were killed by the international coalition said «coalition was investigating the incident targeting soldiers in Anbar province, a committee was formed for this purpose and the results will be announced once the investigation», adding that «the Commission with the participation of Iraqis», adding that «all strikes take place in consultation with Iraq, did not happen previously that there will be dead fire friend because we are committed to the destruction of our common enemy. »

On the ground, an official in the forces «Peshmerga» said a number of elements «Daash» had been killed or wounded in a raid of the alliance were targeted east of Mosul, and explained that «the march aircraft bombed a convoy consisted of six quad-armed wheels payment and two trucks en route from dervishes village of hand Ba'shiqah to. in Mosul resulted in the destruction of the convoy and killed it »
Security sources reported that «warplanes bombed a site in dignity the left side of the connector industry, an area used by the organization to store weapons and equipment which resulted in complete destruction and killing a number of militants who were in the moment of the bombing.»