Allawi's coalition: the Ministry of Commerce of "our share"!

Dated: December 23, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network announced national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Wednesday, the suspension of its participation in the current government or any ministerial lineup announced in the current of humor, while noting that it will turn positive for the opposition in the parliament Alaraca.oukal national bloc in the House of Representatives Chairman Abdul Karim Abtan in a press statement today: "The coalition held its last meeting led by Iyad Allawi, has decided to suspend its participation in the current government and not to engage in any ministerial lineup is announced at the current stage as a result of the wrong policies of the state," pointing out that "the coalition will turn positive for the opposition within Iraqi Council of Representatives. "He added that" the news that Tteward on the nomination of the national coalition of three figures for the post of Minister of Commerce unfounded and is a figment of the imagination, "explaining that" in the event of granting national coalition of electoral entitlement will discuss the members of the coalition, these benefits and we will decide to participate or not. "