It will be the Central Bank loan project Marshall Iraqi flavor!

December 23, 2015 10:51

Approximately loan, which monitored the Central Bank of half the amount that monitored the Marshall Plan for the construction of European countries collapsed economy after World War II, but you bring a large amount Hdvha in pushing the country's economy, and move production in which wheel, and reduce the state's dependence on oil, which has become prices do not Tasman nor hungry mouths ?? This question on everyone's thinking about it carefully, because saving the Iraqi economy, opportunities are few expectations after we read the OPEC faintly hope in the rise in oil prices during 2016.
Iraqi government if it wants this project to bear fruit in the near future, it should have that right climate for growth and development provides, otherwise money will go as he went the other, whether routine which hampers the disbursement of these funds, or to circumvent them, and thus would be a way to enrich corrupt as not executed The trick to grab the loose any money, so the idea since the start of this project, the foremost authority stressed the need to find controls in the disbursement of these large amounts of money on productive projects, and reduce fraud in the implementation.
We have not seen the amounts spent on Mrdia yet a starting point, but lacks most of the banks at the instructions on the nature of the exchange, and this raises doubts about the seriousness of this project, and where the country is going through economic conditions difficult, any project contributes to the economic boom has to be shed by the light of everyone to find the culture of small-scale producers to push the initiative in the creation of small dreams, but you Find organizers of this project as a platform to clarify the target of this project? Do you found a website explains what is required of borrowers? Is informative seminars held size of this project and its importance in driving the country's economy collapsing?
The first problems that we face when considering this project, it does not take into account the integration between the sectors to be paid industrial especially, agricultural -oma includes the wealth Alehioanah-, Fmraah integration between the two sectors through programming targeted projects, is of great importance to the growth of these projects and the lack Tgahqrha , in addition to assisting the State in political pursue to protect the local product in the future, any benefit Terje that prompted the state to encourage livestock Caldwagn Besnviha Bayada and carnivores, cows producing milk and meat without payment industrial projects complementary factor of milk and canning of meat and projects butcher and other Integration between projects It is very important to its success and Astmraha and knowledge of government resources emphasis Alkmarki.
Ownership of the land and approvals Almarznah, which the farmer that waged mainly from the ministries of oil, and municipalities, and the environment, will be lost opportunities to more farmers in the southern provinces, as all farmers do not own the land, but agricultural contracts, and this is most important things that the government should set up committees in order to Expedited approval with the participation of delegates from each ministry concerned, and perhaps we do from this oil on the population of the southern regions, since they must be aggregated approval of those ministries, even if you want to build a mosque in a remote village.
The success of the Marshall Plan, attributed to target productive sectors in European countries, and the development of capital through it, and the subsequent deliberate policies accurately, it is not the matter is that receive money without elaborate planning, will shed Iraqi flavor characterized by Balbosrh and lack of coordination overshadowed by the dark on this serious project? !!.