Second Chinese- Iraqi forum economic cooperation opened by Abadi's sponsorship and the presence of three ministers

23 December 2015 10:00

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Embassy held in Beijing, capital of China, the Second Economic cooperation Forum between the two countries.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense , under the auspices of Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, in the presence of Defense Minister , Khaled al-Obeidi, the second Chinese Iraqi economic cooperation forum was held this morning in Beijing on Wednesday.

One of the pictures published by the ministry and the presence of Oil Minister ,Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the Minister of Culture ,Faryad Roandzi attended the forum.

The statement added that the Economic Forum between the Republic of Iraq and the People's Republic of China discussed and the ways to develop the economic cooperation in the interest of the two countries.