Kurdish parliamentary delegation has talks in Prague

22.12.2015 21:41
Prague - A Kurdish parliamentary delegation visited the Czech Republic and had talks with Presidential Office foreign section head Hynek Kmonicek about the security situation in northern Iraq, migration, relations to religious minorities and Czech aid, Kmonicek has told CTK.

Ministr obrany Martin Stropnický (hnutí ANO). ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

He said the delegation was headed by the chairman of the Kurdish parliamentary committee for minority affairs.

Kmonicek said the Kurds said this has been their first parliamentary delegation coming to Europe.

Kurdistan is an autonomous region in northeast Iraq.

Kmonicek said the Kurds met Bishop Vaclav Maly earlier today.

Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky confirmed to the public Czech Television (CT) today that the Czech military would send 6500 machine guns and over seven million machine gun bullets to Iraq. This delivery is to concern the Kurds, at least partly.

The Czech army has sent several tonnes of ammunition to Iraq so far. The latest delivery was flown to Iraq last weekend. Via the Iraqi central government, the Kurds received eight million machine gun bullets and 5,000 RPG7 grenade launcher missiles, among others.

According to CTK´s information, the Czech military plans to send 3000 new and 3600 old assault rifles along with ammunition costing about 21 million crowns. The military aid is to be delivered by the United States. The Czech government is yet to approve the step.

Written by: ČTK