Interior door open competition in front of international companies to equip the helicopters

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Ministry of the Interior, opened the door for competition in front of international companies to equip helicopters for the benefit of the police aviation, stressing the need of small and medium-sized helicopters for multiple tasks placed on it.

The ministry said in a statement that "Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban attended the conference presentations of manufactured and processed international companies to helicopters to choose the most appropriate presentation, held by the Interior Air Directorate," indicating that "a number of international companies from countries of Italy, France, Germany, Jordan and the United States participated in the conference" .

The statement quoted Ghabban as saying that "this conference will address the offers of companies which will be equipped with the Ministry of Interior aircraft Alhalecopetr," stressing "the importance of the subject of processing, to the fact that the Ministry of the Interior has a variety of tasks, as well as functions in the maintenance of security as well as the fight against terrorism and the task of assigning the military our units during our battle Daash fateful against terrorist gangs, and therefore it must Ttaghir Interior Ministry aircraft can perform these tasks. "

Ghabban said that "the conference will be the beginning of the expansion of the fleet, which will be equipped with the Ministry of Interior, and therefore we need a variety of aircraft in terms of processing and ability," adding that "the Ministry of Interior needs to small and medium-sized aircraft, because we have multiple tasks, as well as a competent aircraft in police functions and transfer REACT hangars and aircraft for transport and research and in particular the border areas. "

Ghabban added that "there are performances presented to the contracts Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, have we decided after consultation that the workshop be held in the presence of companies that offers made, and there should be competition and transparent debate about the technical requirements," stressing "the need ministry to help the participating companies although the We have the experience, whether in the army or police Airways flight, and because of the long drop occurred during this period, a lot of developments, and must keep abreast of developments, and the provision of infrastructure for these aircraft. "