The Ministry of Electricity: 2016 will witness a stable electrical system in Basra

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
The Ministry of Electricity announced that next year, 2016 will see the stability of the electrical system in the province of Basra, which often Machhd popular demonstrations in the hot summer months and up the degrees to over 50 degrees Celsius. A spokesman for the ministry Musab teacher in a statement that the "transfer stations Projects Department is seeking to enter Qurna electricity converter station project 400k.v into service over the next few days if the completion overhead lines to connect them to the national grid."

"It was completed Qurna Electricity 400 converter station project in order to, in the last period and pending the readiness of linkage to enter service lines where one of the first stations that carried out the same kind GIS voltage 400 kV preservation contribute to the national network support, and resolve bottlenecks in the northern regions of the province , in addition to supplying the oil fields of electric power. "

He said the teacher, "The project is implemented by the German SIEMENS company in a manner Ready key in conjunction with engineering and technical teams to the Directorate, as it completed all the paragraphs of acts within the project, most notably the work of the main buildings and the foundations of transformers and cab drivers cables and installation of the main transformer."

And between, "The continuous work for the implementation of FAO power converter 400 kV which took implemented long periods of time in order to solve the bottlenecks to the national grid of the province of Basra, increase reliability, and the completion of 60% of the civil and electrical engineering by the French ALSTOM company in a manner key Gahzaaly an area of ​​35 dunums station project".

The spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity hoped "to run the station, which in turn contribute to address the problem of bottlenecks national network of Faw and facilities and oil fields are located within the geographical area of ​​the elimination of the middle of next year, according to the timings of time set after linking the station obstetric be implemented by the local government in a manner Investment by 3000 MW and secondary stations nearby. "