Maysan projects and Japanese Pocket .. prospects and enablers

Tuesday 12/22/2015 7:01
Iraq today / Ali Qassem al-Kaabi
Maysan visited the head of the government - at Douai needed with his entourage, the Japanese Embassy in Baghdad, and met with the Ambassador of Japan in Iraq, the two sides discussed ways to strengthen relations between the two sides, and the possibility of support and carry out conservation projects from Japanese loan
Conservative, disclosed the general lines followed by the carvings with the ambassador, "I was given a brief picture of Maysan province, and the stages of urban and service development in the light of a stable security situation, witnessed by the province," and the ambitions of Maysan, with respect to access to the Japanese loan, we read: "has discuss granted Japanese loan to the Iraqi government projects, and the statement of the possibility of providing part of this loan, to support the province of Maysan projects, in agreement and coordination with the relevant ministries, including the establishment of modern massacre, especially after the lack of adoption of the budget for 2014, and the non-arrival of the financial allocations for the province of Maysan to 2015 , which had a negative impact in the delivery of services to citizens, "and conclude with the head of Maysan:" We send out a formal invitation to the Japanese ambassador, to visit the province of Maysan, for the most important projects that could be invested, wishing to be a meeting, starting for future work between the two sides Base ", and share Ambassador Japanese from the course of the meeting, we transfer media Maysan: "praised the Ambassador the efforts of the local government in the provision of services, for the people of the province, adding, that he will respond to the invitation to visit the province, as soon as, and promised to park Japan, along with Iraq to overcome the current stage, to build an advanced state in all sectors, and provide better services to all the provinces, including the province of Maysan. "