Pakistan is committed to meeting the requirements of the Iraqi Air Force

2015-12-22 19:45:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The head of the Army Staff Agency Lt. Gen. Othman al-Ghanemi, said on Tuesday that Pakistan has pledged to meet the requirements that the Air Force quickly you need, while the Chief of Staff of Pakistan Air expressed his country's readiness to provide assistance to Iraq in terms of military combat capacity-building.

He said the Ministry of Defence in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi received, today, Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Marshal Joe Saeed Mohammed Khan and his entourage," noting that "the meeting, they discussed military cooperation between the Iraq and Pakistan, particularly in the area of ​​training and armament. "

The statement quoted Ghanimi as saying, "The Deputy Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan promised to meet the requirements that the Air Force quickly you need the fact that the task of armament contracts, but they serve a private war machine and today we are fighting a war with the gangs (Daash) criminal."

The statement continued, "The Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan praised the level of the Iraqi armed forces in the face of terrorism, and stressed that the Pakistani side is ready to provide assistance to Iraq, particularly with regard to the Iraqi military combat capacity-building."

And linked to Baghdad and Islamabad good political relations before and after 2003, and always what Pakistan declares its desire to develop relations at all levels with Iraq, especially in economic areas to take advantage of the facilities that could be provided by the Iraqi side in the agreements, especially economically and commercially, as he was the most prominent aspect in the evolution of Relations between the two countries after 2003 is the message of the Pakistani parliament addressed to Iraq on 16 August 2008, to strengthen relations and submit them to high levels based on the historical relations between the two countries, while praised Baltvath the Iraqi government for the formation of the Ministry of Human Rights is the first in the region.