Otherwise and verbal altercations between Maliki and Jaafari details, dangerous and exciting events know it !!

Date: Tuesday 12.22.2015 0:35

Political and media close to the Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari sources confirmed between the head of a coalition of state law against the backdrop of the report of the reasons for the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization Daash

The source said that al-Maliki sent members of his coalition Mohammed Chihod and Abdul Salam al-Maliki, accompanied by a threatening letter to a member of the Committee investigating the fall of the city of Mosul MP Sabah al-Saadi a deputy from the Reform Movement, which is led by Ibrahim
al-Jaafari., said parliamentary sources informed of the (Abbasid News) Mohammed Chihod and Abdul Salam al-Maliki and two deputies Ashairian Mqrban of al-Maliki threatened to publicly Vice Chairman of the Committee Hakhuan Abdullah from the Kurdistan Alliance and a member of the Committee MP for the National Reform Movement morning Saadi if insisted on questioning the former prime minister, after he urged MPs on the investigation into the events of Mosul will only be completed in the presence of al-Maliki before the inquiry to give evidence and the codification of his words, and said those sources that al-Maliki not only threats Alziod and Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the deputies committee members, but took the initiative to call the MP Sabah al-Saadi personally threatened him and (b breaking his head) if it does not stop in its claims summoned before the inquiry, however, al-Saadi replied by stressing that he would continue his quest is not in his appearance before the inquiry, but only convicted.