14% of the regions lost by Daash for 2015

12/22/2015 14:03 pm (Baghdad time)

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Daash terrorist organization has 14% of the territory, which was under his authority for the year 2015 and has therefore doubled the number of territories, which returned to the control of Syrian Kurds "

The newspaper quoted "The telegraph" spokesman Jeans analysis of religion and geopolitics institution managed by former President Tony Blair.
He continued the spokesman of the institution above, it is "extremist organization currently suffering from financial problems, especially after the loss of Tel servants of the border area, because it is an important strategic area."

He added, "The latest developments are a blow to the organization after the goal was to bring expansionary other central areas of" succession "as they call it that impose strict and bloody regime under the application of the law of regulation formula".

He noted that "regulation loss of the village of the strategically important hill servants of the border with Turkey, preceded by the Baiji refinery in Iraq, and also to Tikrit province and losses other, which is along the highway to the stronghold of the Syrian, paper and Mosul, in northern Iraq resulted from the complexity of the supply lines."

For his part, analyst Coulomb Struck from the Middle East Foundation said according to the newspaper, "we note clearly the negative impact the financial situation of the offending organization of loss of control over that border city of Tel Obaid, a crossing facilitator for them, and the piece before the recent escalation of air strikes successive against oil production centers -regulation. "

He adds analyst of the institution in question, "The land which was under terrorists authority has shrunk to about 5,000 square miles out of 30,000 square miles since the beginning of the year until this month, however, the terrorist organizations have achieved in Iraq and the Levant some high-level gains during the year, including Syrian Palmyra and the historic city center of the city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, Iraq's largest province. "

The analyst said Colombe, that "those victories came at the expense of the northern areas of the organization, which Tsarepettnavs severe with Kurdish fighters in jumped proportion of land under Syrian Kurdish control 186% during the year and this shows that the regulations had been exhausted, and is also considered the Kurdish territory is less important than the expulsion of Syrian and Iraqi governments of the Sunni territory. "

She continued, that "it seems that the Kurds make up primarily in the obstruction of the organization, and not a goal in itself and that the Kurdish fighters Syria is dominated by a group called the Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of Kurds and Arab fighters battling terrorist elements in the northeast of Syria, which rose occupies a prominent place in the months the last organization has also been hit again by air strikes of the US-led coalition and Iraqi forces and the rebels Syrians. "

He pointed out that "the Iraqi government was able to recover about 6% of the territory of the organization in the past year, while regained the Iraqi Kurds 2% of their land and the Regional biggest loser among the main actors in the Syrian conflict, is the Syrian government, which lost 16%, and the remaining now about 11,500 square miles, less than half of the area controlled by the regulations and part of Syria's total area of ​​about 71,500 square miles, ".anthy 29/35 b