Problematic exchange rate! 12/21
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Thread: Problematic exchange rate! 12/21

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    Problematic exchange rate! 12/21

    Problematic exchange rate!

    Author: Yasser incumbent

    12/22/2015 0:00

    Experts are concerned expected that Sarsrv exposed dinar to the disorder against the dollar Aazin reason to the suffering of the banking sector of the charges, and regardless of the validity of the allegations or not, this actually poses a serious stand to assess the matter and hedge and undermine the real causes behind this expectation.

    I have followed completely Basghae Proceedings of the Annual Banking Conference, which was held last week, where fired a citizen is a first Hoalkhasr from the effects of the attack, which goes on the banking sector as a whole this phrase and hesitated Awamufrdh for more than ten times, and the fact it has an eye catching what does not accept doubt that something will happen without doubt.

    And that has raised controversy that Union of Arab Banks delegation and in the words of head of delegation and Sam Fattouh that Lebanon went through the same circumstances experienced by Iraq from civil wars and political bickering, but the Lebanese economy has not seen a collapse until the moment remained the Lebanese pound over more than three conservative decades its stability, the fact that Lebanon's economy was left out of the political pressure and statements media.

    The message is clear and everyone to be careful and keep the economy from the differences in order to stabilize the country because there is no stability without economic stability, and that requires the identification of the offending bank Aatalaq reckless accusations on the sector as a whole.

    Raised banks problem on the judiciary and said: The a portion of these violations have been resolved with fines double and remained prosecution going on, it is true that the irregularities of prejudice to economic security has to be the sequence, but the inclusion of all banks and collective punishment is not fair, especially since their impact on the large economy, it is the door of experts confirms that Atnmah without banks while accusing each banks irregularities.

    Therefore, the case threatens the possibility Dinarmojadda exchange rates of disorder if it continued without radical solutions, the required coordination of efforts to contain the crisis in order to not be a citizen Hoalkhasr first actually.

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    Re: Problematic exchange rate! 12/21

    Of course the translation is rough and keeps us guessing lol but I'm going to say WOOHOO!!!! anyway lol

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