The Council of Ministers held the Kurdistan region 12/21
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Thread: The Council of Ministers held the Kurdistan region 12/21

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    Kurdistan Regional Government's economic reform plan put into effect 12/21

    Kurdistan Regional Government's economic reform plan put into effect

    Monday 21/12/2015

    Khandan -The Council of Ministers held the Kurdistan region a meeting of a special about the financial and economic situation in the province of Kurdistan, headed by Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council and in the presence Qubad Talabani, Vice President of the Council.

    He said Barzani during the meeting, according to a statement posted on the official website For the provincial government, the Kurdistan region live a difficult and a major financial crisis, the government have to take some bold decisions and some of the different procedures and work all the ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses to can the province bearing the results of this crisis, and re-arranging work and stimulate tax collection and reduce allocations own and some other measures system , in addition to the implementation of a program of economic and administrative reform, which operates the government long ago. Barzani said: to face this crisis, we have to bear all the responsibility equally with all governmental and administrative authorities and all political parties and all face this crisis and get through this stage.

    The foot then Vice Prime Minister of the report which he explained the necessary measures be taken to resolve the crisis, and touched on the causes of the financial crisis in detail and said the reasons are many and different and are all influential bad financial and economic situation in the Kurdistan region, as spare the region's share of the federal budget by the Iraqi government, the decline constant in oil prices, the war against "Daash" and the arrival of large numbers of displaced persons and refugees to the Kurdistan region and many other reasons.

    He also stressed that the Iraqi government to healed the financial and economic crisis and deep worse than going through the Kurdistan region.

    He discussed some of the ministers at the meeting ways and measures Due taken out dissolve the radical to the crisis, and provided many of the observations on this subject.

    To cope with the crisis and with the emphasis on reforms in the electricity sector, ratified the Council of Ministers on these decisions, which will be implemented from the beginning of the new year any of 01/01/2016 will be issued and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government the necessary instructions for its implementation:

    1 - only 50% exchange of of for the offices of president of the region and his deputy, allocations, and the Prime Minister and his deputy, and who are their grades own, in addition to the salaries received the rank of minister and Undersecretary of the Ministry and those who are in the same grade and advisers and those with special grades in All province institutions Kurdistan Brasaiha and deputies and members of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Court of Cassation in the Kurdistan region, judges and public prosecutors, and will not conduct them any other allowances except the figure in question.

    2 - Turn off appropriations for the offices of speaker and deputy speaker of parliament and secretary of the parliament, which was accounted for 100%

    3 - reduce the proportion of 30% of the for the offices of the Director General Provisions and who are of the same class and receive salaries and allowances of the post of Director-General.

    4 - organizing pensions of special grades and salaries and shall be retired after the issuance of this resolution in the same proportion, and to stop the provisions mentioned after determining pensions and recording format save them until the last law regulating the retirees' salaries.

    5 - stop the exchange of all allowances granted to those with special grades and general managers and heads of administrative units (governors and vice-governors and district office managers respects (floaters) to the owners of all the ministries and government Almaossat in the Kurdistan region and exchange nominal salaries only.

    6 - Work Bakanona retirement and salaries of state employees in the public sector with respect to the terms of the upgrading of staff from the date of 01.01.2016 and until the ratification of the General Budget Law in the Kurdistan region of 2016.

    7 - collect general information about the beneficiaries of people own salaries and the assistance provided by the social welfare and the types of social security and classified according to the principle of different layers of society and to identify the different amounts that receive aid to care for the family and for the disabled. This information will be taken with the proposals and the required progress of the Higher Committee of financial reorganization, provided that include proposals on instructions and conditions required standards.

    8 - formation of a committee to review advances all ministries and government institutions in the province of Kurdistan take into account the physical bad situation of the region of Kurdistan and to identify sources of revenue, the Commission report Supreme Finance Committee learned the steps taken by taking into account the nature of the work and activities of the ministries and institutions that provide services to the citizens Kalasaah, defense, health, electricity and municipalities, which provided that the Commission shall prepare a schedule that includes the proportion of the advance before and after reconsideration.

    9 - to form a committee to study the draft revision and reform in the structure of the Regional Government Kurdistan and the variety Council of Ministers, ministries and government Almaossat take into account the financial situation of the province and the feminine public Almaossat in the region and reduce expenses, and provide this Committee report their views and observations and proposals of the Commission on the High Finance in the region.

    10 - Turn off the monthly exchange rate for the graphics rent and electricity service and the generators of the general budget for all the owners of the higher grades residents in houses and residential complexes of all government institutions in the Kurdistan region without any discrimination. And falling disbursement of 01.01.2016 the responsibility of those who dwell in these buildings.

    11 - Turn off for work instructions the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the implementation of Article 13 of the Act (salaries of state employees and the public sector) No. 22 of 2008 and private authority to grant risk allocations by the Minister and Rausat Almaossat unrelated ministries, and gives this power to the Council of Ministers only.
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